Cricket Trimmings

CRICKET TRIMMINGS is a Company that was formed following it’s association with Wynand’s Cricket Academy and after seeing a gap in the cricket market for various unique accessories and products.  WCA provides professional cricket coaching to players from local Primary and High Schools in the George and Oudtshoorn areas of the Southern Cape and members can improve their cricket with input from a qualified CSA Level III Coach.

Cricket dates back to the 16th Century if not earlier and is said to have originated in England.  Today it is their National Sport and has spread to many other parts of the world.  It is great fun and the entertainment factor is huge especially since it is both a technical and tactical game and requires mental thinking even though one never really knows what the outcome will be.

It also builds character and brings out other personal characteristics for each player such as sportsmanship and fair play as well as a sense of discipline (to accept the decisions of the umpire). Being one of the fastest evolving sports in the world, it is adapting itself to changing global audiences and is driven by a set of rules.

After attending many WCA tours around SA as Tour Manager, I noticed that various products are necessary for any cricket team and by producing and stocking these all under one roof is an added bonus for MIC’s of cricket at schools, Directors of cricket, Team Managers, etc.  Cricket – just with all the “TRIMMINGS” !

Cricket Trimmings offers unique ‘add on’s’ to now compliment the sport, as equipment, clothing, helmets, pads etc. are constantly changing to.

Some children also love anything to do with cricket so we’ve incorporated some fun products for them to and more will be added as we go along !

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